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then you create your own page using your Gmail account, and you’re able to select your business location, discuss your

So what is your vision? What will your business look like in five years’ time? You can change your vision as time rolls out, but you need a central purpose for your em linha business. So, what will it be?

Your domain name should be innovative and does not necessarily have to say what your sitio does. For example British Airways has an on-line ticket websites called Opodo.utilizando.

• therefore the more complex campaign needs specialist knowledge and skills to be effective, and this is an additional cost to your advertising campaign.

There’s still a lot of debate about persona marketing. Some feel that it’s unfair and deceptive. Others feel that there’s nothing wrong with it because people are already getting paid to promote products through popular blogs and social networking feeds. False reviews using persona marketing are looked down up e.g Amazon.

Tools will also be typical and will include social media approaches, blogs, websites as well as traditional media such as newspapers, television and magazines. So one of the key tools of digital public relations is the media release or press release.

Most popular today are third-party advertising systems such as Google Adwords whereby ads are served from a hosting system onto a particular section on a web page or site. For more information on search marketing and SEO take a look at other lessons on the Marketing Teacher website.

There are lots of examples of such tools and approaches; content may relate to material on social networks such as Facebook; it might be social streaming through iTunes or Spotify; content could be social publishing such as blogs or a personal website; it might be social knowledge such as Wikipedia; content media might include social searches such as Google Product Search; there are other examples such as social bookmarking sites including Reddit.

Facebook and Flickr are more difficult. You need to become friends with the person of influence in some way before you can find out what they’re sharing and why it’s getting so much interest.

é uma figura fictícia criada por tua equipe de marketing digital de modo a representar este retrato do consumidor ideal para suas campanhas e estraté especialmentegias.

So if you managed to attract a customer or visitor to your sitio for the first time, well done! However challenge for marketers is to engage with visitors so that they become repeat visitors, and loyal customers.

Digital personal selling is an exciting and emerging opportunity for the marketing organization. Let’s look at how you can use it, and the Digital Selling Process. Personal selling generally happens when a person sells a product, service or solution to another person or organisation; therefore there has to be a degree of one-to-one, simultaneous, asymmetric communication in order that personal selling can happen.

The digital marketing mix is simply an adaptation of the traditional marketing criação de sites mix, and ‘P’ for price

you will probably want to allow comments on your YouTube videos, and if so you will need to make sure that your business is checking comments regularly and that it feeds back on all comments as quickly as possible; it’s all part of the global dialogue with users.

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